Become the vital link that binds our vision, supporting and promoting local businesses while enjoying the benefits of a global network.

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Franchisees, especially in the digital landscape, have a powerful opportunity to onboard local merchants onto their app or platform, supporting local businesses and fostering franchise growth.


Through this app franchises can market SBI insurance products


Banks and lenders tend to consider franchises as lower-risk ventures, simplifying the process of securing financing.


Franchises can efficiently promote their advertisements through this app, reaching a broader audience and boosting brand visibility.


Franchises benefit from complimentary access to our product offerings, enhancing their offerings without additional costs.

Merchant Onboarding

Franchises receive rewards for each successful merchant onboarded, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Merchant Verification

Franchisors implement stringent verification processes to ensure that merchant partners meet high standards, reducing the risk of negative customer experiences.

Gather Farm Products

Franchises enjoy the privilege of sourcing farm products directly from local farmers and selling them through this app, supporting local agriculture and expanding product diversity.