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Join and experience next level of commerce powered with local business and get participated in live event  and enjoy benefits.




Free shopping is like a delightful dream come true, where every desire finds its perfect fit without a price tag.


A marketplace where you can showcase your products for free is a canvas of opportunity, where creativity and innovation paint the path to recognition and success.


Customer reviews provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of products and services

Rewards & Offers

Customers can enjoy exciting rewards and exclusive offers when they shop with our loyalty program



Our app opens up a world of exciting events, ensuring users never miss out on memorable experiences

TV Program Voting

Users can vote for their favorite TV programs through our app with just a few taps.

Movie Review

Users can review their favorite movies through our app, that too by getting rewarded

Social Media

Celebrity Profile

Within our app, we offer a dedicated social media platform where our users can share their authentic reviews and comments.

Video Platform

Our app seamlessly connects users popular video platforms on social media, enhancing their content sharing experience.

Social Event Campaigns

Empower your community and amplify your voice by organizing impactful social events effortlessly through our app.

Jobs & Education

Job Profile

With our app, users can easily create a detailed job profile that highlights their skills, experiences and qualifications, helping them stand out to potential employers

Overseas Education

Stay informed about your preferred overseas education opportunities effortlessly through our app, receiving regular updates and insights

Academic Profile

Upon the initial use of the app, the user's information is securely stored, allowing them to receive notifications about job openings that align with their profile. They can effortlessly apply for these vacancies without a resume


Scan & Pay

Streamline the shopping experience by using our app, allowing users to effortlessly scan and pay for their purchases

Banking services

Our app simplifies banking services, making it easy for users to manage their finance.

Bill Payments

Easily pay all your bills with just a few taps using our convenient app.

Ticket Booking

With our user-friendly app, booking tickets is a breeze, making it incredibly easy for users to secure their reservations.



In a world where commerce knows no borders, we bring you the ultimate fusion of local charm and global diversity. Imagine a shopping experience where every purchase you make supports local businesses while offering you a vast array of global choices